Innovative ICT-based Pilot Classroom

This project aims to build the ICT-based classroom for primary and secondary schools in partner countries following e-Learning consulting. The classroom will be equipped with state-of-the-art ICT hardware and software necessary for ICT-integrated lectures lectures and support teacher training, teaching methods, and curriculum development.

Feasibility study on policy and environment of ICT in education

  • Nominate candidate countries to build ICT classroom and visit the country to conduct feasibility study on national ICT in education policy and environment

Providing training books and textbooks for ICT Classroom

  • Develop textbooks tailor-made to the needs of each country and conduct ICT training for teachers at the ICT classroom

Providing best contents and solutions as well as practical training to the countries where ICT classroom is built

  • Identify and provide domestic educational contents and solutions to fit into local needs
  • Conduct visiting training to promote contents application to local teachers

Management of assessment

  • Assess the implementation of the project on the 3-year-old ICT classrooms to ensure sustainability

Networking and promotion with partner countries

  • Create network with partner countries and promote partnership by facilitating on-going activities such as international forum and related homepage