Major Project

e-Learning Globalization Project

e-Learning Globalization Project is designed to promote e-Learning through the partnership with developing countries and contribute to the closing of the digital divide in education of developing countries through ODA providing e-Learning infrastructure, training and consulting.

e-learning Korea

Since 2006, e-Learning Korea serves as the largest international event in e-Learning in Korea featuring e-Learning expo as well as conference annually held in September hosted by Ministry of Education, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and Offices of Education in Korea.

Research & Investigation

We continue to find out and study the outstanding issiues on e-Learning for its industry development while conducting research and investigation in collaboration with concerned organizations including member companies.

Innovative ICT-based Pilot Classroom

Innovative ICT-based Pilot Classroom

This project aims to build the ICT-based classroom for primary and secondary schools in partner countries following e-Learning consulting. The classroom will be equipped with state-of-the-art ICT hardware and software necessary for ICT-integrated lectures lectures and support teacher training, teaching methods, and curriculum development.